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Fighting Words Workshop

Fighting Words Workshop Today our class was chosen to go on a school tour. It was called fighting words workshop. Firstly when we went in we got our pictures taken, then we...Read More

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! Fourth class had a lovely day today making Easter cards and crafts, taking part in an Easter egg hunt, and eating delicious homemade Easter cupcakes!...Read More

Dan Bracken The Music Man!

Dan Bracken The Music Man! Last Monday Dan Bracken came to visit 6th class. Dan is a very talented musician who can play multiple instruments. He taught the class about sound...Read More

Greenlanes Garden Centre!

Greenlanes Garden Centre! Hello everyone!  We have been very lucky over the past three weeks to have Ms. Tomkins come in to teach us in Senior Infants. She transformed our...Read More

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince Hello there! We read the story ‘The Frog Prince’ in Senior Infants a few weeks back! This inspired us to create our own ‘Frog Princes’ in the...Read More

Making Butter in 4th class

Making Butter in 4th class Last week in science we talked about materials and change. We learned that a mixture is made up of two or more substances that are jumbled together!...Read More

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