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Dublin Husky Rescue

Dublin Husky Rescue Throughout the week 6th Class  held a Christmas market in the atrium in aid of Dublin Husky Rescue. They spent each break and lunch time selling...Read More

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! Yesterday 5th and 6th Class were busy boogying to the nation’s favourite Swedish foursome, ABBA! Over the next few months, 5th and 6th Class...Read More

The Games We Played

The Games We Played On Wednesday all the senior classes attended a play in the Sean O’Casey Theatre in Eastwall. The play chronicled the story of 3 children who...Read More

Abstract Art

Abstract Art Last week we had a look at this picture and examined the colours and patterns. We then used paint to create our own art inspired by the image.

The Snowman Film Review

The Snowman Film Review 2nd Class and 6th Class have been spending a lot of time together over the last few weeks and most recently wrote film reviews together based on the...Read More

Secret Santa in Second Class!

Secret Santa in Second Class! Hi everyone, Christmas is nearly here and we are all looking forward to it in Second Class. We drew the names for our Secret Santa a few days ago and...Read More

Christmas Robins!

Christmas Robins! Hello everyone, We have been learning about birds recently. We learned about common birds we can find in our gardens and how we can look after them....Read More

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