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  • Not-so-bored games

    Not-so-bored games

    Mr Jim Lalor - Fifth Class 2020/2021 - Published on March 3, 2021 by Jim Lalor

    The boys and girls in 5th class have been getting creative in recent weeks! They designed and built amazing family board games. First, a theme was chosen. Then, they decided on whether to create a strategy, numbers, letters, word-based game. Next, the children built a game board and individual pieces from cardboard and junk materials. Rules were ...more

  • Back to School We Go

    Back to School We Go

    Ms Niamh Cole - Second Class 2020/2021 - Published on February 26, 2021 by Niamh Cole

    With our return to school on Monday fast approaching (YAY!), 2nd class have been getting up to all sorts at home! 🌈 Separating Colours 🌈 On Thursday, 2nd class were given the challenge of investigating what happens when you mix food dye, milk and washing up liquid. First of all, we learned all about what happens when certain ...more