Cake Sale for Bull Wall Veterinary Clinic

On Monday the two third classes had a cake sale to raise money for a really deserving cause.

Ricky who is pictured below was taken out of the pound by ‘Working Animal Guardians’.

Alex Corrigan from WAG who is pictured above drove him from the pound to Denis in the Bull Wall Veterinary Clinic for help. The two third classes had a bake sale and with the help of the teachers, Ms. Atkin and all the students in Greenlanes  raised €500! The money will help Ricky with his vet needs. Ricky will be fostered then rehomed when ready.

Below are pictures from our class before the cake sale started, a picture of the cheque and a picture of a delicious cake!

“We can’t save every dog in the world but we can become the whole world to one dog.” – Ms. Atkin

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and who provided cakes for the sale!


David O’Sullivan

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