History: Show and Tell.

Historical Artefacts.

These are some of the Historical Items the children brought in to share with the class over the last couple of weeks. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents or relatives  who sent in these items as many were very personally valuable. The children really enjoyed showing them and talking about them with their classmates.

Prehistoric Shark Tooth

Old and Instamatic Cameras.

Various Concert Tickets.

Old Camera

Old Camera.

Various Banknotes.

WWii Morse Code Transmitter

Silver Dish

Various Dolls.

Golf Trophy and Hidden Ashtray!



WWii Army Knife.

International Hockey Match Lineup.

Part of old Music Box.

Old Purse and Hairbrush

Various personal Items.

Various Items including Volcanic Rock and Flint Lighter.

More Shark Teeth, Magnifying Glass, Rare Coloured Rocks and Old Binoculars.



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