Gravity: It always lets you down

The girls and boys of 5th class have not been letting the school closures slow them down. Along with sterling work in their Maths, English and Gaeilge, they have been busy with plenty of fun activities.

Putting their Scientist hats on, the children designed and created paper helicopters to help increase their appreciation of gravity.

They discovered that the shape of the helicopter rotor blades make them spin when dropped from a height. Gravity pulls the helicopter down and the air resists the movement and pushes up each rotor separately, causing the helicopter to spin!

They tested whether the rotors spin clockwise or anticlockwise and explored how to change the direction of spin. The children also experimented with the weight (the number of paper-clips on the stem) and the length of the rotor blades and what impact any changes might have on the spin.




In English the boys and girls planned, drafted, edited and published narratives, and studied length in their homes and created long division tutorials as part of Mathematics.

The boys and girls in 5th class also brainstormed New Year Resolutions and then created logos of these resolutions to place on Converse shoe drawings. The idea was for each of us to put our best foot forward in 2021.




Mr Lalor discovered that there are potential Michelin star chefs in our midst! The children baked Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares and Chocolate Chip Cookies over the past fortnight. Below are just a taste of the creations in our weekly Friday Baking Bonanza.



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