All Things Science!

Our first class scientists carried out a range investigations during Science Week.

Marvellous Marbles

We explored forces and experimented with different ways to enable the large marble to travel further.

Where’s the Gummy Bear?

The children investigated the process of Osmosis in which they put a gummy bear in water and reviewed the changes over four days.


Rapid Rafts

Pods selected the best recycled materials to use in order to make a raft.  Their challenge was for the raft to float and safely carry the precious cargo of a marshmallow from one side to the other without getting wet!  The children also needed to sample a marshmallow, for research purposes of course!


Happy Hearts

All of the children participated in a variety of activities each for 1 minute including walking around the atrium, sprinting, dancing, balancing and star jumps.  They firstly predicted what their heartbeat would be for 20 seconds and then after the activity they counted and recorded the actual result.

Well done everyone and thanks to all for bringing in the recycling materials.

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