It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

PJ Day!

We had a fantastic PJ’s day in class on Friday in celebration of the Late Late Toy Show!

Christmas Jumpers!

The children designed lovely Christmas jumpers for Ryan Tubridy!

Elf on the loose!

Our class Elf was in quarantine until Tuesday 1st December but escaped and was last seen hiding on the board!  We were pleased to see that he is following HSE guidelines and wearing a mask!


1st Class Shop!

We have been working on money in maths and the children set up their own ‘1st class shop’.  They decided on prices for items in their shop and then went shopping making sure they ‘paid’ the correct amount and gave the right change.

Fairy Tales

We learned all about Hans Christian Anderson and his wonderful fairy tales.  The children completed a fact file about the author and made puppets of the characters.


Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy has been kept busy again in first class!

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