Snap, Crackle and Pop!

In Science we have been studying materials and carried out an investigation on the impact of heating.  We took large bars of chocolate, melted them, mixed with rice krispies and then cooled.  It was essential to test out the rice krispie buns, for investigation purposes of course!

Busy at Weight!

Our maths topic is all about weight and we used scales and multilink cubes to balance everyday objects.


There was great excitement when we had an unexpected ‘guest’ in the class, a huge bee!  After a ‘thorough analysis’ by the children, the bee was safely returned outside!

Cúl GAA!

The children were delighted to welcome our GPO Will back into Greenlanes to learn more GAA skills and have lots of fun playing.

Cinquain Animals!

Everyone wrote fantastic animal cinquain poems using a range of adjectives and verbs.


In Gaeilge our topic is Bia agus Deochanna and the children chose their favourite fruit and labelled in their own smoothie creations!

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