Aistear in Senior Infants!

Aistear has started in Senior infants! We have been reading and discussing the book “The Little Red Hen” over the last week. This week, the children are exploring the story even more through Aistear in different play areas.

In the Home Corner, the children are in role as the characters from the story. They are busy baking, doing the chores, inviting the farmer for lunch, watering the crops and taking telephone messages for Little Red Hen while she is out on the farm.

In the Sand Area, the children are digging to find the characters and props from the story. They are also milling the wheat in to flour!

In the Arts and Crafts area, they are making their very own Little Red Hen using hand prints and straw. We’ll be finishing them off with some googly eyes once they’ve dried ๐Ÿ™‚

We are very lucky to have plenty of new resources for our Small World Area! A huge thank you to Amy Roberts in 3rd Class for donating loads of beautiful small world toys, a dolls house and some construction toys towards Aistear! We’re putting them in to great use!!

In our Playdough Area, keeping on theme, the children were making grain, wheat, bread, the characters and much more!

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