Maths Week

It’s Maths Week! Senior Infants are having great fun completing a number of maths activities at their work stations. Here, four stations are working independently while one station is teacher led. The children rotate around each station until all activities have been completed. The children love being able to move around different tables between each activity.


Station 1: (Teacher Led) Cutting and sticking autumnal items. Ordering the numbers from 11-20.

We are very good at working independently.

Station 2: Practising our number formations.

Station 3: Copying and continuing a pattern.


We absolutely love working in pairs too!

Station 4: Witch’s hats and cats board game.

Station 5: Roll, add and colour autumnal leaves.

Every morning we sing a few maths songs. Ask your child to sing our “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” song.

You can find them on the following links:






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