Senior Infants have been learning about People Who Help Us in our community. We read the story “Zog” by Julia Donaldson and discussed the similarities and differences between our school and Zog’s Dragon School. Zog was very persistent as he tried to get a golden star. He then went on to become an Ambulance for the Doctors.

The children discussed what they would like to be when they grow up and what they think they need to do to achieve their goals. They made a personal timeline of themselves growing up, what they could do as a baby, toddler, child and what they will be able to do as a teenager and adult.

We then furthered our learning and continued the theme in to Aistear.

Role Play: The School; The children played in role as Principal, Teacher, SNA, Child, Secretary, Caretaker, Lollipop person and Parent!

Sand: We searched for magnetic letters and made a list of words


Playdough: We created characters from the book Zog

Art: We discussed Greenlanes school crest and designed a crest for their very own school.


Small world: We mapped out and created a school using Lego. All children made sure their school had a big pitch to play on!! They also built a school bus!


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