23rd March- Fairytales

Dear Parents,

I hope you and the children enjoyed last week’s activities! Please see below some suggested material you could cover with your children for their home learning this week. Please continue to prioritise plenty of outdoor play and phone calls or window visits to their lovely grandparents and older family members.


-ub and –en word families






Ask the children to come up with words that end in –ub and -en. For example; cub, rub, shrub and den, men, then etc. Ask them to write their list onto their word family houses. (They have done this several times so should know what this is).

— House outline with –ub and –en written in roof and their list of words inside the house.



digraph /or/

(Worksheet attached in email-differentiated sheets available if needed)

Play the link below: Geraldine the Giraffe: digraph /or/


Write a list of words with the digraph /or/ For example; for, cork, born, short etc.

Revise digraphs /ch/, /sh/, /qu/, /ai/, /oa/, /ie/ and /ee/

(If you have logged on to twinkl.ie/offer with code: IRLTWINKLHELPS you can also download worksheets for the above sounds- simply search ‘find and write ee’ etc.)

You can also play Geraldine the Giraffe to revise the above sounds.


Tricky words:

look, two, more,



Read and write sentences with their new tricky words.

My News

Written using cursive handwriting.



Cursive handwriting practice;

(GWTF Downloaded resource attached in email)

My News: focusing on Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Introduce feelings words in to their news; I was happy/glad/sad when….. etc.



Practice cursive handwriting- You can avail of our Go with the Flow online resource here http://data.cjfallon.ie/resources/gwtf-handwriting/index.html#!/book-sections/1/section-groups/1



Read a variety of fairytales. If you do not have any hard copies, these are available as ebooks on twinkl.ie or read aloud on YouTube

Make predictions and connections with the text. Recognise and repeat rhyming words from the story. Retell parts of the story using connective language for example; first, then, afterwards, later, finally, as a result, because, so, therefore etc.

Create and write a new ending to their chosen fairytale.






(Formation booklet attached in email)


Write the numbers using correct formation 0-20 using the Jack and the Beanstalk number formation activity booklet


Number addition up to 10 (Worksheets attached in email) ·        Colour by number Fee Fi Fo Fum worksheet.

Please use the counting on strategy with a number line. Children have used this strategy before and should be familiar with it.


·        Missing number addition to 10 worksheet


·        Jack and the Beanstalk Crack the Code worksheet


Maths Trail

(Booklet attached in email)


Print the booklet and replace the word ‘classroom’ with ‘home’.


Discuss the chronology of events in the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

Once logged on to twinkl.ie/offer with IRLTWINKLHELPS code; download the PowerPoint story here;


Use the language of chronology; First, then, next, last etc.


Jack and the Beanstalk Writing Prompts- worksheets attached. Finish the sentences.




Design a Coat of Arms Shield:

(Worksheet attached in email)



Discuss your family coat of arms, ask your child to replicate or design their own.

Think about:

Who is in your family?

What do you enjoy doing with your family?

Do you have any pets?

Would you like to include your pets on your family coat of arms?

What are you going to put on your family coat of arms?

Why did you choose to draw that picture on your family coat of arms?

Junk art:

(If this art was enjoyed last week; choose another room this week)

Make a model of a room in the house of their choice. Use a small cardboard box as the room frame and make suitable furniture to fill it with.




Small World/ Role Play


Construction area Challenge:

(email attached with cards)


Build the giants house and a beanstalk using Lego/ blocks:


Choose a card and complete the construction challenge.



-Draw a plan of the house and beanstalk before beginning.

-Discuss the materials they used.



Physical Education


Fundamental movements:









Yoga for kids

Balance on one foot:

-head stable with eyes facing forward, arms out straight and as still as possible.

-hands on hips

-beanbag on head

-the non-balancing leg in front of the support leg

-the non-balancing leg behind the support leg

-eyes closed


Cosmic Kids Yoga; search on YouTube






I hope the tables of content are clear for you to work on and that it has enough to keep the children busy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my email. A big hello to all the boys and girls! I thoroughly enjoyed receiving emails of their work and seeing what they’ve been getting up to!


(As a reminder; The teaching resource website twinkl.ie are offering all parents and teachers a One Month FREE Ultimate Membership. This will allow unlimited access to every single resource for every single curriculum subject. Setting this up is really easy to do. Go to www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS.)


I hope you all have a lovely week!

Mrs. Teeling and Elsa Bear  😀🐶

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