27th April- Butterflies 🐛🦋

Hello Senior Infants! I hope you all enjoyed seeing photos of your friends and their work in this morning’s blog post! This week’s theme is Butterflies!

Here is your work to cover this week.

Phonics: Revision

-ag, -ap, -ig and –in word families


Create a rhyme




Ask the children to revise words that end with  -ag, -ap, –ig and -in.

Ask them to write their list onto their word family flowers and make a garden display.

Develop an awareness of rhyme using these words.

I would love to see some rhymes, please share a photo with me for next weeks blog!


If you have collected your Spelling made fun workbooks, please continue on at your own pace.


Revise the digraphs ch / sh / oa/ ie / ai / ee/ or & oo/oo




Continue learning letter names


Play Geraldine the Giraffe to revise all digraphs you are still unfamiliar with.


Can you play the game to identify the beginning, middle and end of the word?? This is a game we played regularly in class. Ask your child to play it with you using these words;

Pain, shout, book, lies, chick, corn, hoop, sheep etc.


Revise the letter names of the alphabet.


Tricky words:

Could, people, my



Read and write sentences with their new tricky words.

My News

Written using cursive handwriting.



Continue cursive handwriting practice;






Capital letters and full stops:

Super sentences worksheet attached in email



My News: focusing on Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Introduce feelings words in to their news; I was happy/glad/sad when….. etc.



Practice cursive handwriting-

If you have collected your books from school; continue on to the next page; cover approximately 2-3 letters each week but continue to revise others. You can avail of our Go with the Flow online resource here http://data.cjfallon.ie/resources/gwtf-handwriting/index.html#!/book-sections/1/section-groups/1


Revise the use of Capital letters and full stops. Complete Super sentences worksheet


Dictation: Call out a list of words familiar to your child and ask them to write it down. Simple CVC/CVCC/CCVC words (words they can sound out phonetically) from their word families or words from their digraph list.

If you want to challenge them further, try simple sentences. Encourage them to use Capital letters and full stops.



Read and draw activity.

Worksheets attached in email.



Read the story ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’




Read the sentences carefully and draw a picture to match the sentence




Complete your very own story map of this story. (Worksheet attached in email)




Busy at Maths Home/School Links Book


If you have collected the Busy at Maths home/ school links book, please feel free to work away at your child’s own pace. This book can also be accessed through cjfallon online.


Number addition

The story of 9

·        Complete the story of 9 using Busy at Maths pages 70-76. Also available using cjfallon online.

(If your child has already completed a page or two of this chapter, please feel free to work ahead)




·        Using the cjfallon login, complete pages 81 and 82 of the Busy at Maths workbook.

·        Or complete in your child’s workbook if it has been collected.


Revise Éadaí (Clothes)

Dathanna (Colours)

Ainmhithe (animals) from last week

Na huimhreacha (numbers)


Log in to edcolearning.ie

-Go to Bua na Cainte B, click on ‘An Teilifís’ and then click to page 45

These pages can be printed by hitting Ctrl + p




Continue to revise Éadaí and Dathanna using the links shared in Blog Post 3

Revise the numbers 0-10.

A haon, a dó, a trí etc.



Look at the page an point to the donkey; seo asal, an t-asal

Look at the pictures, ask what they see.


Read the sentences on the page and ask your child to point to the correct picture.

Bhí an t-asal ag gol. (The donkey was crying)

Chaill sé a eireaball (He lost his tail)

Fuair sé a eireaball arís (He got his tail again)

Bhí thas air. (He was delighted)









What you will need:



Pipe cleaners

Crepe paper

Googly eyes


  • Create a butterfly using paint, card, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
  • Create a butterfly using white card, black paper, crepe paper and googly eyes.
  • If you do not have these art materials available, create your very own butterfly with whichever art materials you may find in your house! I would love to see photos of your creations!!



Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Worksheet and PowerPoint link attached in email.

·        Listen to a PowerPoint discussing butterflies and recall their favourite new fun fact.

·        Discuss and revise the life cycle of a butterfly

·        Complete worksheet sequencing the stages (egg, caterpillar, butterfly etc)

·        Explain the terminology chrysalis & metamorphosis.



Physical Education


Outdoor fun!








Get outside for walks, cycles, games, football, etc. Even if children are playing on their own or with their siblings, there are many fun ways of keeping active:

o   Draw your own Hopscotch with chalk and play

o   Skipping

o   Hula-hoops

o   Design an obstacle course for siblings or pets!

o   Treasure hunts




·        Dabbledoo are offering all content for free to parents of schools with DabbledooMusic. The unique access link for Greenlanes is:



Have a look at the Sing-along folk songs section and learn the song ‘Chey Chey Kooley’.



As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my email. I hope you all have a lovely week!

Mrs. Teeling and Elsa Bear 😊🐶

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