Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is mental health awareness week and in order to promote and develop our positive mental health and wellbeing we are walking a mile with a smile everyday! We will be going out for a walk around the block everyday this week (with a smile!) as part of mental health awareness week.

We did our first mile with a smile today and it was great!


As well as our daily walk, we did some meditation today for 10 minutes. We were allowed to put our heads down and relax while listening to some meditation videos after a long day of working hard. It was so peaceful!

Today we also got to pick a secret friend (someone in the class) out of a cup. We are going to try our absolute best to be extra kind to this person all week, making sure they always have someone to talk to and play with.

We can’t wait to guess who each of our secret friends were on Friday!

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