Welcome Back 2nd Class! 😅

Welcome back 2nd class!
We had a very busy but fun filled week last week and this week. We did lots of activities about ourselves so that we could help Ms.Cole learn all about us! 😀

For art last week, we were focusing on self portraits and made our very own abstract portraits using our silhouettes! We used bright and bold oil pastels and mounted them onto black sugar paper to make them really POP! 🎨

Some of us brought them home, while others put them into our art scrapbook where we will gather and put all our fantastic art over the next year!! 🎉


This week we also learned all about Vincent Van Gogh and his self portraits, although they aren’t as good as ours! We tried our hand at recreating his famous self portrait, using his famous brush stroke techniques and cold palettes. We can’t wait to try and create our own Van Gogh inspired work next week!


Lastly, for fun, we tried to draw portraits of our pod partners! We used chalk and crayons/pencils to bring our pictures to life! They turned out FANTASTIC!!


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