Maths Week Fun!

This week is maths week and to celebrate it, 2nd class have been having lots of fun solving maths riddles of the day in class! Some of them have been very tricky but we’ve come up with some great answers!

Can you solve any?



On Wednesday, we had a MATHS CHALLENGE TREASURE HUNT! In pairs within our pods, we were all given a challenge sheets with lots of maths problems relating to topics we’ve been doing in class since September! We worked through addition and subtraction sums, did some rounding and even solved some tricky word problems.

When we solved each problem, we had to find the answer on the interactive whiteboard and the letter that went along with the answers. Each answer helped us crack the code and spell out the secret location of all the letters we needed to spell out our prize!

Once we all had our letters, we went outside to the yard and put all our letters on the ground. We had to work as a team to figure out the correct order of the letters which spelt out our prize.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that our prize was….. a movie and popcorn day!! 




As well as all of our maths fun, we have also been learning about the water cycle in Geography! We have been learning all about the weather this month and the water cycle is such an important part of the weather.

We discussed the different stages in the water cycle such as evaporation, condensation and accumulation and after a few minutes we were all able to discuss the entire cycle. We wrote about the water cycle and drew our own diagrams to illustrate it in our SESE copies and they turned out amazing! Super work from 2nd class!!


In history this week we were learning all about toys in the past. It was so interesting to see what toys our grandparents or great grandparents might have played with when they were our age. We compared old toys such as doll houses, rocking horses and marbles to modern toys like Playstations. We were then given the challenge of creating and designing our own toy for the future! We got our creative juices flowing and some of us even created toys for millions!


Lastly, in drama this week, we were focusing on the weather and creating freeze frames outside! We pretended that we were walking in a blizzard, in hail and windy conditions. Each pod was given a weather related news headline which they then created a still image for.

Some were creating a tsunami, a heat wave and a snow storm!


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