Busy at Home!

It has been another busy 2 weeks online for 2nd class. While we are still learning at home, we have been making the most of it by creating lots of fun pieces of work and art! 😃


Brigid’s Day

Monday was St. Brigid’s day so we celebrated that by learning all about the history of St.Brigid and her links with Co. Louth. We watched videos on how traditional Brigid’s crosses are made and even tried our hand at some. Some of us make big bright, colourful ones, others chose to make simple but beautiful ones and some of us even tried to make them using reeds! WOW! 👏🏻


Science Fun!

Last month, we were looking at the topic of heat in science. While we couldn’t do all the fun experiments we had planned, we did do some of our own at home! This time, we were looking at what happened when we put food colouring in hot and cold water.



Crazy Hair Day!

For art, we channeled our inner crazy and drew ourselves with crazy hair! It was very clear that 2nd class put a lot of time and hard work into these pieces of art because they turned out AMAZING!! 🎨


Incredible India!

In geography this week, we were learning all about India and how their culture differs to ours. We learned some amazing facts about India and created our very own fact files! Some of us did some extra research using Epic and some websites to make sure we had all the information we needed!


All About the Beatles!

This week we have also been learning about the famous band ‘The Beatles’. We looked at their history and how they were formed, we listened to some of their most famous songs and we even studied their album covers. We decided to design our own covers!

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