Junior Infants on Tour!

Hi everyone!

Junior and Senior Infants had a great day today when we went to visit Raheny Optics and The River Café! As part of our Aistear programme, both classes will be covering the topics of ‘The Café’ and ‘The Opticians’ so we all went along to visit the real thing!

Firstly, we went to Raheny Optics, where we met Barry and Valerie, the optician. They were so kind to us and we even got to see inside the eye-testing room. Valerie quickly examined Luke, Finn and Kate’s eyes. They had to look inside a big machine and call out the letters that Valerie pointed to. (Both boys got them all right!!) Then Valerie showed us a piece of equipment called an ophthalmoscope which is used to check the eyes to make sure that they’re healthy. Valerie used the opthalmoscope to check Oscar’s eyes and she said that they looked good! 

Barry then brought us out to see the glasses. Saoirse-Rose got to try on some glasses. Barry then showed us how he gets the lens of the glasses to fit into the frames. He showed us a special machine that cuts the lens to the right size and shape for the frames. We thought it was a really clever machine!

After visiting the opticians we went to The River Café. We ordered our drinks and the waitress brought us a delicious rice crispie square! Ms. Johnston was very impressed with our great manners and also how we tidied up afterwards.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Barry and Valerie at Raheny Optics as well as the staff at The River Café for their kindness and patience with us today.  Also a very big thank you to Louise from Clever Cloggs who used her bus to transport us to and from Raheny. We really do appreciate it!

Junior Infants homework for this evening is to go home and tell mum/dad all about your trip today! 🙂 

See you in the morning!

Ms. Johnston 🙂

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