Aistear Fun in the Home Corner!

The last few weeks have been exciting ones in Junior Infants as we have now started Aistear (Play). Our topic for the last few weeks has been the Home Corner.

We have a Role Play area, a Play Dough Area, a Construction Area, Creative Area and a Water Area. Each group has one day a week in each of the different areas, with the groups rotating each day.

We had lots of fun exploring our theme in each of the different areas! Here are some pictures below – we’ll try and keep you updated over the coming weeks!

Role Play Area:

Play Dough Area:

Construction Area:

We had a lot of fun with the building blocks and the polydrons in the Construction Area!

Creative Area/Junk Art:

Our Creative Area alternates between Junk Art and an art activity. Last week we painted pictures of our own homes which turned out SO well! 

Water Area: 

We are already looking forward to more Aistear fun over the coming weeks! Check back soon for more pictures of the action! 🙂 





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