Science Showcase 2017 by Greenlanes National School

We attended a Science Showcase carried out by our senior classes in Greenlanes National School.

We got to see various different experiments which were very interesting and exciting.

Our class got to a launch a rocket into to air. We learned the rocket is based on stored energy. When you pull back the elastic band, the elastic band stores this energy. When you let it go, it releases this energy as it returns to its original length. The foam rocket is stabilised by the fins, which keep it pointed in the desired direction. Our class got to see how to construct a catapult. We got see how the roller coaster works by using foam and a marble. The science activities we seen incorporates math, engineering, and even technology.

We also got to see how butter can be made from cream and learned about the process of making butter, specifically why the cream separates to make butter and buttermilk and how the temperature of the cream can vary the results of making the butter followed by a short quiz and taste test!

We learnt about different ways to care for the environment and about different types of renewable resources and non-renewable resources.


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