Friday Show and Tell

In Fifth, we like to include a Show and Tell activity each week. It gives us a chance to share something with the class and practice our presenting skills. Our theme for today was “Something I have made”. Our class managed to really hit the jackpot today with a wide variety of items to share with each other and as it transpires, we have quite a few great bakers in our class. Lee made a wonderful Lemon drizzle cake, Vito shared a special cake, Henry made Brownies, Milly made yummy cookies, Yessie made Brownies, Dylan made cupcakes and many more made tasty treats to share with their friends. We can report that there were only crumbs left!

As well as the baked goods, we had some fantastic presentations from our class of Art, Science and Cooking projects they have undertaken at home. Rafy showed the circuit he made, George showed his the cookies he made, Annie shared her experience of making Jam, while Gemma showed us some beautiful pictures she has painted with water colours.


We can’t wait for the next Show and Tell involving Food!!!! Maybe we could make it a weekly event!

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