Maths Week 2019

Fifth Class have been enjoying some fun activities this week for Maths week. On Monday, “The Cube” came to Room 5, where we tested our concept of time. There was a minute on the clock and we had to guess when the minute was up. There was a lot of guess work going on! Our Cube champions were George, Sam and Dylan.

On Tuesday, we used our newly acquired orienteering skills to play a loop game outside. There was a variety of division sums and answers dotted around the yard, and we had to chase them all and complete them. Our winners were George, Rafy, Milly and Gemma.


On Wednesday, we were back in class to play a game of MultiPIGation! It is a super fun game, but things can get a little heated when it comes to points! Our winners were Rafy, George and Jack!


On Thursday, we combined Maths and PE, and worked on using non standard units to measure length.  We all threw javelins and marked our distance with a cone. Then we used human chains to measure the distance thrown. Once we were back inside, we used addition, multiplication and division to convert our non standard units into centimetres and metres.


On Friday,  we undertook some creative writing on the topic of time. Maths Week was full of fun, we’re already counting down to next year!



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