Science Week

Fifth Class have had lots of fun this week for science week. On Tuesday, we started our “eggsperiment”, to create a bouncy ball from an egg. It also explores the production of carbon dioxide during the reaction of an acid and calcium carbonate. We submerged two boiled eggs and two raw eggs in coloured vinegar and left them in a cool, dark press for 3 days. We observed the results daily and could see the carbon dioxide in the bubbles that were surrounding the eggs. On Friday, we tested the  bouncy balls outside. While the raw eggs burst immediately when hitting the ground, the hard boiled eggs did not. While the experiment wasn’t a complete success, we had some fun doing it!

On Wednesday, we explored flight. We split up into groups and made paper airplanes from designs we researched on the internet. On Thursday afternoon, we flew them outside. Rafy’s flew the furthest, making it 11m across the yard. While Aidan’s flew a distance of 10m.

On Friday, we were joined by Hugo, who discussed climate change and how we can make better choices to lessen the impact we have on our planet.  It was a very interesting talk, and we look forward to welcoming him back soon.


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