The Finest Fifth Class Baker – Wartime Edition

We have come to the end of our novel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and it has been a very entertaining read. However sad at times, we have thoroughly enjoyed following Bruno and Shmuels friendship journey.

The theme of food is addressed in the second half of the book. From the special dinner prepared for the Fury, to the snacks that Bruno stole from the kitchen to give to his friend, weย realized that there were many differences between the food available when the novel was based and now. So as part of our Show and Tell, we tried out some wartime recipes.

Ms. Concannon shared some recipes from a cookbook which has been passed down in her family, and we researched some ourselves. We noticed that there was very limited fresh fruit available, and spices were used which had a long shelf-life and didn’t go bad. Eggs, butter, flour and sugar were staples in most recipes – but there wasn’t a lot of chocolate to be found! Recipes were sweetened and flavoured with fruit rinds and honey and jam was used frequently to add taste and colour to the finished products.

We enjoyed testing each others recipes.



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