Japanese Treats, by Jack

Everyone knows by now that Fifth Class love their treats! Our classmate Jack decided to surprise us the other day with some very special treats all the way from Japan!

Guess what guys! My favorite Auntie , well she’s actually my only Auntie, went to Japan for the Rugby World Cup (with her new boyfriend !!!) but after she came back I had to collect her at 11:30pm from the airport. She said she had a gift for me, but she told me I had to wait until we got home. I couldn’t wait to see what it was. When we went in, she told me I had to get the bags first. When I gave her the bag she opened it and gave me these weird looking Kit-Kats. When she told me the flavours I went ” YUCH, those flavours sound GROSS!

My Dad opened the Sake and tried it he said they didn’t taste bad. I asked could you open the other flavour like tea.I tried the tea it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t my favorite. Then my Mum asked “do you want to bring the Kit-Kats to school?” I said Yes!
I brought them in for a little treat for all the hard work we have done. Irish and Madoc helped me break them in half. Everybody got one each, well no one got the Sake which is kinda like wine that Japanese people would have at a nice dinner.
There were four different flavours:  Black Tea, Melon, Sweet Potato and Sake.
Our Principal Ms Atkin tried the Sake and our Vice Principal Ms Johnson said there really nice. We did a vote for what was most liked and  it was a tie for tea and sweet potato. Well Melon didn’t win anyway or Sake cause it was alcohol but there was three  votes for Sake Ms Atkin and Ms Johnson and Miss Wendy Walker loved the Sake.
Tea was my favorite but it still was a nice treat for the class. I would definitely like more but I don’t think anyone will be going to Japan soon.
by Jack

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