Our Trip to the Library, by Luke and Daniel

On the 10/2/2020, 5th class Greenlanes went to Raheny Library to meet the Author of the book “Boot”, Shane Hegarty.

He was very funny and good with children. He told us that he had made a sequel to Boot. We brought cards that had questions on them. The route that we took was going through St. Annes Park. When we arrived we realized that we were not the only school there. There was also St.Mary’s National school. He told us about his other series Darkmouth. I think we will leave that one for yourselves to  read. The staff in Raheny Library were very nice. On behalf of all 5th class thanks to Shane, The staff of Raheny Library and St.Mary’s National School. It was a great day! We hope to go on many more visits to Raheny 

Library. Bye!


By Luke and Daniel.



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