Pop Culture


This week, we explored the theme of popular cultures across many subjects. In English, we were reading and writing biographies and fact files, discovering lots of new information about famous artists, singers and sports people. We then tried out writing our own, adding some imaginative endings to create our future careers.

In English, we read some biographies about famous artists, musicians and sports people. We found the information we read on Andy Warhol particularly interesting. As a young boy, he spent a lot of time in bed due to illness and he became interested in drawing through making pictures of famous singers he heard on the radio. After finishing the bio, we decided to take a stab at his style of Pop Art. We looked at the way he used brands in his work and made them very famous, so we chose our own favourite brands and gave them the Pop Art treatment. How do you think they turned out?

In Music, we explored the work of David Bowie. We listened to Life on Mars and Lets Dance. Overall the class enjoyed Life on Mars more, we found that we could recognize more of the references he made in this song.


While looking at Pop Art, we came across the work of Roy Lichtenstein, who created cartoon works using bright colours, shapes and pattern. He used small dots or Pixels to give his works of Art dimension. We tried out some of his techniques to create name plates for ourselves. They look great!


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