Hi Fifth Class, here are some ideas to get you started on your work from home!

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well. I hope that you all enjoyed your extra long weekend, and that you had fun on St. Patricks Day. Did you do anything interesting? Please email me any photos that you have on your activities, I would love to see them and will make a blog post so that we can share them with the school community.

Now it’s time to get down to work. I have uploaded your daily work onto our Google Classroom, you will all have received your assignment today. I will share further assignments tomorrow and Friday, so please only carry out the work you are assigned for the day. It is important that you are all getting outside to enjoy the fresh air too and having plenty of movement breaks throughout your day.

Please return your work for me to have a look at, either by submitting pictures of your worksheets, or by returning google docs. The choice is yours! You can return them on the day once you have all of your work finished or the day after, and I will comment on them as soon as I can to give you feedback.

Here are some extra activities, you might like to engage with while you are working from home. I will add more to this list, but here’s a few to get you started:

Reading: It’s always important to keep reading, and there are still plenty of opportunities even while our libraries are closed. BorrowBox is a website where children and parents can join the library online. Just go to www.librariesireland.ie/join, complete the registration, set a PIN and you’ll be able to log into BorrowBox with those details to download eBooks and audiobooks  https://www.borrowbox.com/

If you are reading a book at the moment, write a review for it that we can share with your classmates. Just like we have done recently for Boot, give me a short synopsis of the story, mention one cause and effect episode from the story, give it a star rating and ad an illustration – it will be excellent to share these and compare our thoughts on the books we are reading. You might like to structure this as an email and send it to me!

Writing: We have worked on many “Think, Talk, Write” activities this year…….remember the photo of those three airplanes that most of you told me was photoshopped! Newspapers and magazines are a great source for pictures. Cut out a picture, without reading too much of the text surrounding it. Choose the type of text you would like to write  – A narrative, a report, a critical piece explaining the photo maybe and compose a planning page. Use a mind map to record all of the important details and vocabulary that you would like to use in your writing. If you plan on creating characters, make a character profile for one of your characters, be creative in your characters and who they will be in your writing.

Emails to family and friends are a great way to keep in touch, and they are a unique style. Why not write an email to someone you haven’t see in a while and aske them about what they have been up to and fill them in, our your activities and plans.

Oral Language: Word association games are great and we recently had fun using them in class. Why not start one at home, and record points for who wins, who comes up with the most creative words and who loses. The alphabet game is a great way to get started!

Numeracy: Topmarks.co.uk is a great site for finding interactive numeracy games across all strands, we have used many of them in class. Some refer to GB£ in money, however there are a few under the topic of money, which have a euro option.

Tables: Fizz Buzz is a great game to practice multiples. Choose what multiple you are going to work on and then get all of your family ready to play. Each person is going to count in turn from 1 – 100, or further if you’re braver! If for example you are practicing 3’s player 1 will say 1, player 2 will say 2, and player three will say buzz as it is a multiple of 3 and it contains the number 3. Then player 4 says 4 and you all keep counting. And so on, 6 will be fizz because it is just a multiple, as is 9, 12 etc. Can you guess what happens at 30?

Art: Paint, draw and paint again and be creative! Ask a family member to write a bunch of topics which can be illustrated on small piece of paper and place them in a box. Take turns to pick out a random one and work on it. Email on your pieces of work!

Gaeilge: Tá muid fós I Seachtain na Gaeilge faoi láthair, mar sin dean iarracht do chuid ghaeilge a usáid sa mbaile. Bíodh lá ghaeilge agaibh, no uair ghaeilge – taobh istigh don am sin, bíonn ar gach duine gaeilge a usáid chun labhairt lena chéile. Bíodh réidh leis an foclóir agus ní bheidh tú fágtha i mbunc!

Bain triail as breathnú ar chlár as ghaeilge ar Cula4 nó ar TG4. Tá ana chuid ar siúl ann. Chuir escéal chugaim faoin clár…as ghaeilge!

SESE: Take a virtual field trip and write a report to share you’re your classmates!



PE: Hop onto Gonoodle on youtube and learn a new dance, or visit the Fresh start fitness videos, I know you have always enjoyed those in class!

Music: As you all love singing, and Irish, there are many lyric videos on the TG Lurgan site where you could learn some new songs as ghaeilge that we can all sing together when we get back to class.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, I will add lots more over the coming days. Have you found any ideas? If you do, email them onto me and I will add them to the post!


Looking forward to hearing from all of you, and how you are getting on. Now time to get to work. Log into the classroom and pick up your assignments.


Ms. Concannon 😊

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