Fifth Class Update

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all well and looking forward to Easter. Fifth Class have been working hard on Google Classroom of late, and it has been great chatting to them and seeing what they are all up to. We found an interesting way to keep our Photo a day project going with a Where’s Wally twist – on Monday, we watched a video on how to draw a Wally character and we have been hiding him around our houses ever since! Have a look at our photos and see if you can find him.

It is important for all of us to switch off from online learning and recharge over the Easter Break, and there is no better way than to do some Arts, Crafts and Fun Activities. Here are some great suggestions to keep you busy over the holidays.

DLTK have some great Easter craft ideas. Check them out here

Topmarks have a whole section devoted to Easter, history and the traditions which go with it. They also have some interactive games you can play. Have a look here

BBC Food have a great page of recipes with an Easter Theme. Make sure to email me on a picture of all of your fabulous creations:

One Little Project at a time have some great ideas for simple Easter Crafts to do with younger children. Check them out here:

What about some ideas to get Mum and Dad involved! Check out Country Living for some Craft and DIY:  ideas:

Twinkl have some wonderful activities to keep you busy over the coming weeks, have you checked it out yet?

If you are online, the LEGO site have some great games, including an Easter Egg Hunt. Find them here


Hopefully we will some lovely Spring weather over the break to spend outside. Nature Walks and scavenger hunts are fantastic, set yourself a challenge to find 5 things of differing shapes and colours while outside. Or Maybe, try a new game to keep active. Here are 2 of my favourites:

  • Broom Polo – It’s a bit like Quidditch really. Set up your pitch, marking out your goals and deciding on your teams and positions. Each player rides a broom or a sweeping brush while they pass the ball to their team mates and score points. It’s great to try out different types of goals or targets. Make sure to stay on your broom though!
  • Torch tag – It’s like Laser tag. The person who is on holds a torch and uses this to catch the other players. You could try playing build up, or just simply by the caught person being on next.


I’m looking forward to  hearing lots of wonderful stories about what you guys get up to over Easter. Wishing all the Fifth class families and the Greenlanes Community a wonderful Easter break 🐰🥕🍫😊

Ms. C



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