Welcome to Term 3 Fifth Class

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Break. It was so lovely seeing all of the Art projects that children were working on over Easter, some fantastic creations! I loved your drawing Adam, and Tina, your hat looked amazing!

For Term 3, Fifth Class will continue to receive their work through Google Classroom, with a few changes. Work will now be assigned on Friday afternoons for the week ahead, you should all have received your assignments and schedules by now. We will also be engaging with Khan Academy for some extra support in Maths, you will all have received an invitation to join our class there too.

As everyone will have access to their books next week, I have assigned some work pages from the books. If you need any extra assistance with them, there are online resources available at CJFallon for Busy at Maths and at Folens for Abair Liom. Both companies have opened access to their resources for the current closure period. If you have any issues with either, please email me and I will do my best to assist you.

This Term, Fifth Class are moving onto their third novel – War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo, the story of a horse called Joey who, after being purchased by the army, is sent to the front line during World War 1. This is a great opportunity for Fifth class to do some research around World War 1 and what life was like at the time. I have included some suggestions for this and other extension work below.

Looking forward to seeing all of the great work we will be doing over the coming weeks.

Be sure to send on some photos of your work, it would be great to show off our work to everyone on our blog!

Ms. Concannon


Here are some extra activities you might like to try to accompany your reading of War Horse:


  • Alternative point of view: This novel is written through Joey’s eyes and from his point of view. Why not try an alternative point of view, maybe explore the events of Chapter 1 through Albert’s or Zoey’s eyes.
  • A Pets Story: Wouldn’t it be fun if your pet could tell their stories through their point of view – why not write a diary entry or a day in the life of your pet from their point of view.
  • This story is based around the events of World War 1. Why not research the main events, here is a great place to start https://www.natgeokids.com/ie/discover/history/general-history/first-world-war/
  • Joey was purchased by Albert’s Father at a horse fair, maybe you could draw a poster advertising the event. What other type of events could you advertise by poster?
  • Newspapers were a main source of information for people at the time. Why not write a newspaper article around the news which the postman shares in Chapter 2.

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