Our Heroes – Fifth Class Update

Hi everyone,

Fifth Class have continued to do stellar work this week from home. We had an interesting interruption to our usual schedule this week, with a whole class zoom Circle Time on Tuesday morning. It was so great to see everyone and to catch up, and we all enjoyed answering the question, set by Gemma, as to What TV show or Movie we would like to play a character in.

In Irish, and SESE this week we have been working on the theme of Weather. As Ghaeilge, Cuir muid dialann le chΓ©ile don Aimsir a chonaic muid i rith na seachtaine.


In SESE, we looked at Weather lore, significant stories which are present in Irish culture around weather. In Science, we carried out some weather experiments with a variety of results.

While we continue to read War Horse, in English this week we worked on an interesting writing task. We were asked to write about our Hero, or Heroes, to describe them and what they do and to explain why they are an inspiration to us in our lives. We included sports stars, tv personalities and Authors.

Two students completed very personal pieces of work, which really stood out when reading them and they deserve a very special mention. Leah singled out the Frontline workers, who are in all of our minds and hearts during this time. Irish wrote about people very close to her heart, her family and friends, who are her heroes. Well done Leah and Irish πŸ’–



This week, Mimi shared a piece of Art which she has been working on at home! Isn’t it just beautiful!

Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks to see what Fifth Class are up to Term 3. I can guarantee we will entertain you!


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