Fifth Class Update

Hi Everyone,

Last week Fifth Class had some fun in their home classrooms. First up, they studied volcanoes and how they erupt. To test their learning, they were asked to create Lava Lamps. They worked amazingly by the looks of it!

On Friday, as part of their English lesson, the class was asked to create a poster for Zoom. We have used Zoom for a Circle time lesson, and hope to do so again soon. As part of a communicating lesson, the class designed their posters to advertise the use of zoom as a learning tool for use in schools during the closure. They were asked to include information which would be useful for schools to know about zoom and mention any limitations it may have. I think Zoom are missing out by not having our expert designers on their payroll!

I know the class have been reading lots while working at home. While we are all working on War Horse together, Aidan has reviewed a book that he has read. Maybe it will encourage some of you to have a look at it, it sounds like a great book! Thanks Aidan!



Stay tuned to our blog to find out what Fifth Class are working on!

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