Project Work – Fifth Class update

Hi Everyone,

Fifth Class had a busy week last week working on a variety of projects across all subjects, and had a bit of fun too by the looks of it!

We looked at Macro photography, which is how to take super close up images. Some of the class took excellent photos of animals, plants and household items, and we are going to have some fun with them on a Kahoot Quiz this week.


In Maths, they had the opportunity to work on length and height by using a variety of techniques to measure trees. Tina and Lee shared their work, I think they did really well!

In Science, the class had the opportunity to look at Starch and used iodine to identify food stuff that contain Starch. The iodine changes colour depending on the level of Starch in the foodstuff. Lela and Lee shared their results.

As the school walk was postponed, the class had the opportunity to carry out a Native Tree trail in St. Annes, suggested by Ms.Cole and a Coastline trail using QR codes, suggested by Mr.Lawlor. It seems Fifth Class had great fun with both of these challenges!

Many of Fifth Class worked on personal learning projects too. Yessie and Gemma both presented projects on their favourite sports stars, while Mikey explored Carbon. Lela worked on a beautiful Art project on designing a medal and a torch for the Olympics. Many of the students worked on personal family trees too, and there was some interesting weather reports as Ghaeilge to practice the vocabulary that we have been learning recently. George shared information on the Food Smart Initiative ( that his family have been taking part in, cooking and eating Lobster and Crab.

Fifth Class are back to work this week on English, Irish, Maths and Handwriting too! After all of their great project work last week, I think they might be due a break from real work very soon!



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