➖➕➗ Marvelous Maths Week ➖➕➗

Hi Everyone,


We’ve had great fun altogether this week for Maths Week. Let us tell you what we’ve been up to…


On Monday, we played some dice games in our Pods. First up, was an Oldie, but a Goodies, Multipigation. This game makes us super competitive, to the point of needing a referee! We practice our multiplication tables and bank points scored. Our winners were Annie, Lela, Tina and Dylan, who all scored themselves a homework pass. Then we played bingo.

On Tuesday, we went outside to put our time skills to the test. Vito expertly set up a 10m track for us on the grass, and in our pods we each took 3 turns running over and back against the clock. We then repeated the relays again, but this time used a different method of movement. Once back inside, we practiced our addition and division to calculate average times. Ms.Concannon was keeping an eye on us, not just on our relays, but on how well our Pods worked as teams. Castle and Seafield worked best in their teams and were awarded homework passes.

On Wednesday, we tried out a new dice game. It’s called Nasty or Nice and involves a little bit of patience and calculation. Things got a little heated, but it was very enjoyable. We will definitely be playing it again.


Thursday was the best day ever. We worked on shape and space challenges using marshmallows, cocktail sticks and straws. We were tasked to make a pyramid first and then a symmetrical shape. And then we ate all of our building materials! We could really become fond of Maths if we were allowed to eat our way through it!


Thursday afternoon is when we try out our online homework. This week, we put the order of operations, BOMDAS, to use in a SeeSaw activity. On Friday we had some fun writing a number narrative. Our class suggested numbers and we had to include them in a story we wrote. It was super fun, and our stories were hilarious!

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