Welcome to 3rd Class

Welcome back to school! We have had a very busy start to 3rd class and everyone has settled back in seamlessly.

A group of boys in our class collaborated together coming up with the brilliant initiative of having a sweets and cake sale to raise money for charity and the rest of the class enthusiastically supported them.  Last Monday both 3rd classes joined forces to set up the sale and did a super job of co-ordinating the many transactions!

Thanks so much to all of the families for the wonderful baking and sweet donations and for being incredibly generous.  A staggering €500 was raised which has contributed to a very worthy cause.

As seen in the following pictures, Ricky was taken from the pound by Alex Corrigan from ‘Working Animal Guardians’.  He was brought to Denis in the Bull Wall Veterinary Clinic for the much needed care and treatment of Ricky.  He will be fostered then re-homed when ready.  The children were delighted to see the photo of Ricky looking very happy!

Thanks again to everyone for all the fantastic support.  Over the school terms we will be putting up lots of post from our activities in the classroom.

Many thanks, Ciara Barrett

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