Maths Week

Last week, it was maths week and we worked on various problem solving activities. Some were more of a challenge than others. However, it would be boring if they were easy!

We had some lollipop stick activities were you have to move a certain number of sticks to make more or less triangles or squares.

We have some plain old multiplication!

This one was a particular head scratcher. Only three children in the class were able to do this one. You could only use 4 lines to pass through each dot once only. This had to be done without taking your pencil off the page. The clue is ‘Think outside the box’.



The next activity involved changing the direction of the counters with only 3 moves. A number of children completed this!


The children also did some Sudoku.


On Seesaw, we had Teddy Town which some children found a little tricky to do.


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