Happy Christmas

A new classmate arrived at the end of November to cause a bit of mischief. Squidworth arrived but had to stay in quarantine for a number of days.

He got himself into lots of unusual places around the classroom.

Our elf was then elf-knapped by an evil elf named Pickletoes and the children had to complete various tasks to get him released from his icy prison. They had to be kind to one another, do a random act of kindness and do something nice for their parents. I hope there was plenty of tidy bedrooms!

Poor Squidworth. He did return eventually. A little cold and soggy!


The children have made some very creative Christmas crafts from fabric and fibre. The children made fabulous Christmas hats from cardboard and wool. I think they did a great job.


The children also made the most magnificent gnomes. With lots of help from Michelle who kindly cut out all the felt – holly, berries and all. Hours of cutting felt.  A little help from a Hot Glue Gun. 31 Gnomes of all colours.

The children worked very hard in creating their own narratives. The children recorded all their memories of Ms. Atkin and put together a beautiful scrapbook. Of course, there were plenty of furry friends, ice-cream vans and cones and of course seagulls.

Happy Christmas to All from 4th Class!

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