The Sam Maguire, Pot Luck and a visit from Minister Bruton

Welcome back all to another busy week in 6th class. At the beginning of the week, we had a visit from Jack McCaffrey who brought the Sam Maguire to Greenlanes. A huge congratulations to Dublin for winning 5 in a row.

6th class were tasked with producing the flags and fun facts for the Pot Luck Supper in the parish this week about the following countries: Iran, India, The Philippines, USA, Uganda, Nigeria, Croatia and South Africa.

On Friday, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment came to visit the school. He listened to all of the children on the student council about how we at Greenlanes are trying to contribute to Climate Action. The children talked about having a ‘Climate Action Week’ in all schools around Ireland, our own Beach Clean up, the recycling that we do at school, becoming a single use plastic free school, saving our electricity, creating a new garden for bees and other animals, raising money for children in South Sudan and homelessness in Dublin today. The Minister took notes and answered the many questions we had for him including ‘How do you start your day?’ Apparently,  homemade brown bread and jam are the Minister Bruton’s breakfast choice. Well done to all the children on the student council for their hard work in preparing their speeches and reading them out to all present.

Next week is Science Week! Can’t wait!

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