Week 3

Hi All
I hope you are all well. The work on the Class Blog and on Google Classroom is to give you a chance to revise and consolidate pervious learning.
It is not compulsory, so there is no pressure on anyone.
However that being said, it would be great if you could a bit of maths, writing, Gaeilge, lots of reading, some physical activity and then do something you love -like bring the dog for a walk, help out at home, do some art, listen to some music and dance around your house. If nothing else it will give you some routine and pass the time. I know it’s really difficult not being able to see your friends or go anywhere.
As I said last week…..
“READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY especially in maths”.
“READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS for the week then READ THEM AGAIN before you start anything!
There is no need to send me daily updates of Maths and Gaeilge.
You can however send me your Gaeilge sentences, English narrative, questions, persuasive writing, project work or anything you have done at home – art, baking etc…
Take care and ind yourselves
Ms. Casey

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