Hi All

I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to check in with everyone and make sure that both Parents and Pupils are happy with the format on Google Classroom and the Class Blog. I hope the work is giving the children some needed structure to the day and keeping them busy.

I appreciate it can be really difficult trying to manage working from home, home schooling and taking care of others, especially with both parents working from home. I wanted to reiterate that none of this work is compulsory, there is no pressure on anybody. So far, my own experience of ‘Home School’ is that we have some really good days and some bad days with lots of tears and that’s okay. It’s a very emotional time for everyone as we are having to adjust to the new norm of social distancing. It goes against all our natural instincts as human beings.

I have had some work shared or emailed to me directly. Thank you so much for those. I will correct and make comments to all work usually within 24 hours. (Usually in the document itself in Blue writing) However, there are a number of children that have yet to share or message me.  I wanted to check in with everybody. Is everybody okay, happy using the Google Classroom and knows how to use message me and share their work. Let me know if there are any issues and I’ll try and resolve them as quickly as I can.

I sent all the children a private message last week under Student Work Week 2 – please check that you have received this.

I would love to see photos of art, baking, science, any news, anything that you guys have been up to over the past few weeks. It would be great to share with the rest of the class on the Blog.

Take care

Ms. Casey

PS – That’s our new puppy “Scooby”

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