Science Week

We love Science! During science week we were very busy doing lots of fun experiments. Here are some photos from our week.

On Monday we made rotocopters where we investigated force. We threw our rotocopter in the air causing it to lift and then the weight of the paperclip caused it to drag and fall down to the ground. The rotocopter always spun in a circle on its way down because of the design of its wings.


On Tuesday we tested food for starch. Starch is a type carbohydrate and it gives us energy when we eat it. We used iodine to test for starch, if the iodine turned blue/black then there was starch present and if the iodine stayed yellow there was no starch in the food.

On Wednesday we started our experiment with flowers. We were investigating what would happen to flowers if we placed them in water with dye. We found that the dye travelled up the flowers’ stems and changed the colour of the petals. There were spots of dye on the flowers’ petals at the end of the week and some had even changed colour from yellow to orange!

On Thursday we started our experiment to test investigate what happens to waste in Ireland. As part of our green-schools committee work, we know that it is very important to use the correct bins as most general waste in Ireland, that cannot be recycled, goes into landfill. We decided to test an apple core, paper packaging, plastic packaging and tinfoil. We dug holes in a patch of soil and buried the items. We will come back to them again in a few months to see what has happened to the different materials and whether any of them have broken down.

On Friday we made cloud dough. We did this by mixing equal parts cornflour and conditioner together to form the dough. We had lots of fun making and playing with it!

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