STEM Speakers

Sixth class were very lucky to have Richard Watson and Professor Joe Keane in to talk to the children this week about STEM.

Richard took us through a timeline of his profession and talked to us about the different opportunities available to those working in computer science. We had great fun looking back over the history of technology. Thank you so much for coming in!

Professor Joe Keane talked to us about Science and taught us to always ask ‘Why?’ when studying in this area. We learned about our respiratory system, the importance of the lungs, the heart and learned about an important muscle called the diaphragm. The children had great fun measuring their volume of air per minute, discussing X-Rays and the importance of having healthy lungs. Thank you so much for taking the time to come in!

One fun fact we learned today; when searching for a matching donor lung for transplantation, you match their shoe size! 🙂

This was a lovely way to end our week.

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