The Perfect Sweet

Hi everyone,

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my lack of blog posts over the last few months. My account was acting up and wouldn’t let me post anything but thankfully Susan Linnane has solved the problem and we’re back up and running!!

This week, in preparation for Valentines Day, Sixth Class came up with their ‘Perfect Sweet’ in art. They thought about the shape, colour and layers of the sweet. We discussed our favourite fillings and toppings before getting started.

We had some amazing creations, and to my surprise, Freya arrived in this morning after recreating her perfect sweet at home. Myself and the staff were so impressed by her perfect sweets, they were eaten within minutes! Thank you so much to Freya for making her perfect sweet and bringing them in to Greenlanes for the rest of us to taste! They were delicious!!


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