Tree Planting

We had Eamonn and Donna in with us today to plant some Rowan trees on our school grounds. They explained that the Rowan tree is prominent in Norse mythology and believed the trees were enchanted and magical. They believed this was where fairies lived and that it also acted as a portal to transport you to another realm.

The Irish name for the Rowan tree is ‘An Caorunn’. From April to June, creamy-coloured blossoms appear on the Rowan tree. It will then produce red berries in Autumn. These are soft and juicy, and a great source of food for birds.

We had great fun planting our tree! The children are very excited to return in twenty years time, when they’ll all be 32 years old, to see their fully grown tree. It will grow up to 20 meters high!

A huge thank you to Eamonn and Donna!! 🙂



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