Welcome to Ms. Seale’s fifth class blog!

Hello everyone 🙂 You are very welcome to Ms. Seale’s 5th class blog! We have had an extremely busy and exciting two weeks so far. We have two new students in our class! We have been doing a lot on ‘Mé Féin’ in Irish and have a display up in our classroom which you can see below.


We have also discussed our hopes and aims for the year as fifth class students. We drew and wrote about these aims and put them up into our classroom also.


In history we are starting a project in pairs based on our locality. This project will be done in school on the computers. The children can choose a topic of their choice based on our locality to research. We are very excited about these projects and looking forward to presenting them to the class 🙂

We are using Class Dojo in our classroom this year. As a class, we came up with a rewards system based on Class Dojo.

We will keep you all updated regularly! 🙂

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