The Digestive system.

In science, we have been learning about the digestive system and how it works. The liver makes bile, which is used by our bodies to break down fat in the small intestine. We did this science experiment to show how bile works.Please read the materials we needed and our method below. We were amazed at what happened!!


This year, we have science hardbacks to write up all our experiments 🙂


Soap contains a chemical similar to what is found in bile. It surrounded the fat in the milk and tried to break it into smaller pieces. This is what it does to dirt also, which is why we use it to wash our clothes and dishes. As the soap swirled around the fat in the milk, trying to break it down, the food colouring moved around as well. We watched it continue to swirl as the soap tried to do its job. This is what happens in your small intestine as well. The bile surrounds fat particles to break them down.

On another note, we are starting rugby tomorrow! Please wear suitable clothing.

Ms.Seale 🙂

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