How Sound Travels.

Today we learned about how sound travels. We did three experiments 👍😊

The first experiment was seeing how sound travels underwater.

We started by filling up a plastic zip lock bag with water. We held it up to one of our classmates ears and then on the other side we placed a ticking watch against the bag to see if the sound changed. The class had the challenge of being quiet for 15 seconds !              Soon after we asked the classmate if they could hear  any differently. It turns out it was the same vibration as putting a clock up to your ear (this was not the result we were expecting as sound travels faster in water and is therefore louder in water) but that didn’t stop us from experimenting further …

In the second experiment we knocked on the wooden desks but then we put our heads against the desks and we figured out that it  was louder with our heads  on the table because the sound was travelling through a solid instead of air.

For our last experiment we got a clothes hanger and tied some string around the handle. Then we wrapped some string around our finger and then we got a friend to get a pencil or pen and hit it of the clothes hanger. Then we put the string up to our ear and got our friend to hit it again. We found out that it was louder when you put it up to your ear. This is because the sound was travelling through a solid when we put it to our ear instead of through the air. Sound waves travel more quickly through solids.

We really enjoyed experimenting in class today !😜👍😆

By Hannah and Rosie

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