Lara’s Cooking Class!!

Lara’s Cooking Class

Today I taught a lesson. I got 40 dojo points. I taught baking.

The class was split into three teams of 8. Each team got 10 cupcakes.

The class’s task was to make butter cream icing and design cupcakes in a winter wonderland and Christmas theme.

I read out the instructions of how to make the butter cream icing step by step while the class did it.

After the teams decided what food colours they would like to use. The class mixed the colours into the butter icing.

After that the teams got decorating with buttons, m&m’s,white buttons,silver bobbles and more!

Some teams did Christmas and winter wonderland themes some didn’t.

The cakes looked amazing when they were finished! We had loads of fun and the cake’s were Delicious!

By Lara


Lara was so organised with her lesson. A lot of time and effort went into the organisation of it. She should be very proud of herself!! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it. AMAZING 🙂 🙂




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