Our trip to Edinburgh :)

On Tuesday we went on a class trip to Edinburgh. We all had a really great time everywhere we went.we went to Camera Obscura , Edinburgh castle, Childhood Museum and a really nice Christmas market.

Camera Obscura is an illusion museum and it is very cool. There are all these different things you can look at and do there. There are six different levels to Camera Obscura. On the second level there are two really cool things there called the mirror maze and the vortex tunnel. In all the other levels there is all different kinds of illusions. When you get to the last level there is a room you go into and a woman who works there will tell you all about how they can see all around Edinburgh from just a piece of glass.

In Edinburgh Castle we went all around to see all the different things to see what all the kings, queens, princes and princesses used in Edinburgh a long time ago like the jewels,weapons and the prisons. We also saw a gun solute and it was very cool and very loud.

The Christmas market and the Childhood Museum were also very good and I think everyone had a good time in them.

We all had a great time in Edinburgh and we are all very lucky we got to go.

By Jill 🙂

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