Rosie’s lesson.

On Friday I had my lesson. My lesson was baking. we made the original Australian treat …. LAMINGTONS!

First the students said if they wanted their lamington jam filled or no filling as I cut up a yellow store bought sponge cake from super value and layered they jam between two layers. Then we made icing for the chocolate coating of the lamington. We started off by mixing cocoa powder, melted butter, sugar and boiling water.We mixed them together in plastic bowls.W

When it reached the proper consistency of the sauce we layered a clear coat of sauce on the sponges and then sprinkled the coconut on top We then put the cakes on paper plates and each student put their name on their plate.Turns out that i had to go at one so i started quickening up the pace.Then I gave each person a delicious ANZAC biscuit and sat them down to show everyone the power point Ihad made the night before about Australia and its food.

Overall it was a great lesson and I really enjoyed teaching the class 🙂

by Rosie


Outstanding!!! The amount of effort that went into this lesson was incredible. Rosie even had a powerPoint made for us all. Well done Rosie, we learned so much 🙂


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